EA Program Charter and Value Roadmap

Providing a clear vision for the EA Program, we leverage years of experience in getting the program defined and supported by the Executive Leadership Team. The Value Roadmap includes a prioritized EA Service focus, targeted outcomes and a mobilization plan.

EA Platform Requirements and Business Case

As the EA Program begins to mobilize and data is collected and connected from across the enterprise, the case for an EA Platform becomes stronger. ADMG provides the experience to establish requirements for a Platform selection as well as the methods and tools to build a case for investment in a sustainable information management capability.

EA Solutions and Ecosystem Design

From traditional EA Solutions including Application and Technology Portfolio Management to more advanced topics involving Information Security and Regulatory Compliance, ADMG provides a predefined set of EA Solution accelerators for 20 major focus areas. Each solution includes a plan for required information and common sources.

Adoption, Governance and Sustainability

No Enterprise Architecture Program can endure without providing ongoing value to the executive leadership team. ADMG has years of experience delivering EA value to leadership. With executive support in hand, ADMG provides an Enterprise Architecture Governance Playbook along with training services to ensure data stewardship is clearly defined.  

Exceptional Enterprise Architecture Strategy & Design Services 


Launching, advancing, and sustaining your company's Enterprise Architecture (EA) capabilities can be difficult. Having to define clear EA Program objectives, value targets, platform requirements and stakeholder responsibilities is a challenge in itself. But having to coordinate the Enterprise Architecture Program across a disconnected ecosystem can be truly overwhelming. That is where Advanced Design Management Group becomes an invaluable partner.


We provide end to end Enterprise Architecture advisory services to engage anywhere along the journey. Whether you are beginning to launch a new EA Program, developing a business case for an EA Platform or trying to get the most out of your EA Organization, ADMG will come alongside with the experience to get the job done. We will even fully manage your EA Program until you are ready to take it on for yourself. If you are ready to get started but don't have a team ready to go, reach out to Advanced Design Management Group to discuss our Managed Services offering.